Implement Data Mining and Machine Learning Components into Your Water Systems

Decision Makers Ltd. focuses on transforming data into knowledge, by combining new proprietary algorithms with reliable public-proven algorithms into easy to use, low cost software components.

Our application specific components for event detection, optimization and numerical prediction allow our users to focus on WHAT and not on HOW.

Our Answer to Water Analytics

Today's fast-paced water industry demands even faster and more efficient usage of analytic tools. Water monitoring at water treatment plants, water distribution networks, and sewage system networks require customized data-based decisions that are tailored and fine-tuned to meet the demands of each procedure, scenario and location. Mindset-Suite is tailored to assist water organization with an "out-of-the-box" solution for the on-line monitoring of water systems, such as detection and classification of operational and quality events. This includes auto-detection of communication problems, low-quality data, operational changes in water systems, operational changes causing short-term quality disturbances, and the detection of trends (both short and long-term) in water quality.

Provided as a cloud-based SaaS, Mindset Tools may be adjusted to fit the size and budget of any water organization.

MindSet Tools data sources include Database, SCADA system or data stream supplied via MindSet API. All MindSet Tools can be integrated into existing control systems or used as an offline desktop analytical tool.