MindSet Field Monitor is a Raspberry PI-based software, allowing a connection between sensors and devices with Modbus communication to the WWW. MindSet Field Monitor connects to a field device implementing Modbus protocol (slave side), and performs requested memory reads. It then transmits the data from the field device to a MindSet WebApp server (or any other chosen server).

MindSet Field Monitor Connects to the WWW (or a local network) via a 3G USB modem, Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

MindSet Field Monitor works with or without graphical display on the Raspberry PI, allowing both local access and software configuration (by screen or local cable access) or remote desktop access.

MindSet Field Monitor enables advanced features such as: measurement calibration, raising alarms in the case of extreme measurements, the updating of software and parameters from afar, and more.

MindSet Field Monitor may be adapted to different devices, by adding software screens and features. MindSet Field Monitor supports localization of languages and measurement units.

MindSet Field Monitor will become commercially available in the second half of 2016.

Field Monitor is a software compatible with the Raspberry-PI (
Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Decision Makers and MindSet Tools are not a part of the Raspberry Pi Foundation or supported by it.

Main Features

Deploy or Use as Desktop Application

Concentrate on making sensors and not communications.

Remotely Monitor your Device

Using MindSet WebApp to perform remote updates of PI software and parameters; perform maintenance from any Windows laptop by remote desktop.


Localize the software to you device: choose your language, your measuring units, your logo.

Define Users and Privileges

Define different users and control the privileges for each user type.

Allows Complete Control of the Field

Via charts, logs and an easy-to-use UI.

Want to Customize the Field Monitor to your Device?

Relays, 420 Channels and TCP connection to SCADA - Contact us to understand how we can better customize the software to fit your specific needs.