The MindSet WebApp application enables Users to access the Mindset-Detector environment using a browser-based technology, including desktop, iPad and smart phone.

Display events and monitoring stations status at the top of Google maps. Current data from each station is displayed for each station, by clicking its location on the map.

A beta version of MindsetMobileApp has been introduced to selected customers for evaluation. Below are some main screenshots.

Main Features

Tree View

A map shows all the models and their status.

Google Map

Current data is displayed at the top of Bing Maps.

User-Friendly Interface

no need for programming skills.

No Installation is Needed

No need for software installation from the client's side.

Events Classification

Enables events classification using predefined categories.

Report Generation

Simple interface for report generation enables viewing both historic and updated reports

Historical Data

Historical data can be displayed in various forms: Histogram, Time Series, or X-Y scatterplot.

Monitoring Station Status

A dashboard gives the user a quick report about the monitoring station status.