MindSet Predictor is a versatile solution for numerical/discrete prediction, for small to large problems.

MindSet Predictor scales with your data, by working from files, SQL database or connecting to your application.

MindSet Predictor can take into account dozens of variables, by using state-of-the-art variable selection techniques.

As more data becomes available, MindSet Predictor adds more explanatory variables and adjusts for the resolution at which data is analyzed.

Main Features

Define Models

Define models for time series, with continuous or discrete variables.

Use Expert Rules

Define user rules for filtering data.

Built as Server

Allows several models to run simultaneously from a single computer, with time schedules for prediction.

Automatically Generated Model

No knowledge of mathematical modelling required.

Deploy or Use as Desktop Application

MindSet Predictor can be used as desktop application with a supplied GUI, or deployed with .Net Application.

Adaptive Model Generation

MindSet Predictor performs automatic variable selection over the data set. As more data becomes available, more variables are inserted, by relevance. The generated models are robust to noisy and highly non-normal data.

Scientific Background

MindSet Predictor is a complete suite, building on known prediction and variable selection algorithms such as: Regression Trees, Lasso, Robust regression and classic variable selection methods.

MindSet Predictor is able to compensate for noisy data and non-normal noise distributions by utilizing non-parametric tools and custom data filters. These methods make MindSet Predictor a versatile solution for many types of datasets.

Description of Algorithms



Data should be arranged into a single file, using CSV format with field names in the header. MindSet Predictor imports the data, and performs an initial learning session. Learning should take between 2 to 15 minutes, depended on file size. Once initial learning is done, incremental learning may be done periodically.
Depended on the frequency in which new data is generated and needed to be monitored, between several tens to several hundreds of models may be monitored by a single Mindset Detector server.
MindSet Detector has been tested under a Window 7 embedded environment. A full embedded version will be available later this year.
No. MindSet Predictor is a generic system able to perform numerical predictions in any industrial time based process.
MindSet Detector product license is available for purchase as a Server license and as SAAS (software as a service) license. Decision Makers offers turnkey projects, and system integrator training, for implementations in customer sites. For details please contact us.