Developing a New Generation of Water Monitoring Systems

Bluei Ltd, an israeli leading company in the water industry with global presence in Europe, North and South America and the far east, has subcontracted Decision Makers Ltd in the development of it's new water monitoring technology. The latter includes the SmartOne, SmartEdge and SmartPod. Bluei's units are integrated with decision makers' EDS system.

Implementation of Mindset in The City of Jerusalem

Hagichon and Descision Makers have started the implementation of the EDS system in the drinking water distribution system of Jerusalem. Currently 30 monitoring stations are implemented. In the next 2 years this number should be doubled.

Water Suite Ltd has signed a lisence OEM agreement

Water Suite Ltd has signed a lisence OEM agreement with decision makers Ltd. Under this agreement Mindset Detector EDS will be integrated into the water suite software product. A first pilot product is running in West Verginia monitoring eight locations of Water Suite's costumers.

Drinking Water Quality Control in Holon

Holon Water Utility is implementing Mindset Detector in four monitoring stations, these stations are based on Bluei's SmartOne technology.

Photo Voltaic prediction and monitoring

M.G.Lightning, the university of Cyprus and Decision Makers are co-operation in a project funded by the Israeli Ministry of Energy. In this project, analysis of sky map pictures are integrated into decision makers photovoltaic prediction system in order to improve it's accuracy.


INFOPRV - Decision Makers, M.G.L and the university of Cyprus is cooperating in a SolarEra.Net project which is aimed to develop a one hour ahead production prediction. A single board computer (Raspberry Pi), installed on each invertor will combine historical production data, with weather data and sky view information about clouds to generate production prediction.


Sewage control

Holon Water Corporation is utilizing MindSet Detector in its sewage control process. The system is targeted to alert for abnormal combinations of sewage delivered to the sewage treatment plant from industrial areas. Currently, the cloud-based project is under trial period. Final delivery is due in the second quarter of 2014.
Project being lead by Elco, a leading company in the Israeli industrial control market.

Municipal water network monitoring

MindSet Detector has been selected by WATERSAFE FP7 consortium as its EDS system. The WATERSAFE project is a three year European Community funded project aimed to develop monitoring and alerting systems in municipal water networks. Three beta sites are planned for near-future implementation: Jerusalem, Zurich and Lisbon.

Photo Voltaic prediction and monitoring

The MindSet prediction engine is currently being used in an Israeli Ministry of Energy cloud-based project, aimed to predict productions capacity of photo voltaic cells on-line, and to detect faults in photo voltaic systems. Currently, there are 15 sites monitored with 70 invertors. Commercialization of the systems is planned for 2015.
Project is being lead by M.G.Lightning